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...When it all comes to an end..

Hasta luego Buenos Aires and Argentina

Hi everyone!

So here’s my last entry on this trip, which has now come to an end.
I am now sitting in London, waiting for my last flight that will take me home to snow, Christmas and Norway. I am so tired, and I cannot wait until I am finally there after almost 1,5 day travelling! Even though I am sad to leave 30 degrees and Argentina it feels quite ok to be on the way back home also.. I guess I have been pretty spoiled when it comes to travelling these last 2 years…

When that is all said.

I have had some absolutely wonderful last weeks in Argentina and Buenos Aires even though day have been a little stressful.
My mum, her friend and my sister came down to spend my last 2,5 weeks with me. I had by then finished my classes at school, and I was so ready for some vacation!

The first days were spent on shopping, a daytrip, sightseeing and relaxing, before we took the boat over to Montevideo in Uruguay. It was fun to see Montevideo with all its old buildings etc but I have to admit that I am a bigger fan of Buenos Aires. The day after we went to Colonia which is an old colony city at the coast at Uruguay. This city was very charming and nice, but I guess 1,5 day was enough time there.. It is small and there is not too much to see..
Here are some pictures from Montevideo and Colonia, Uruguay;

We had one night in Buenos Aires before we headed up to Iguassu and the famous waterfalls that are placed between Brazil and Argentina (also very close to Paraguay) and what an impressive nature phenomenon!!
We spent 1,5 day at the Argentinean side and then we took a tour over to the Brazilian side and Paraguay (which wasn’t very interesting)
I hope you will enjoy the photos and if you ever have the chance, go there, you will not regret!!!

In addition to these small trips I have been doing the rest of the shopping (if its ever possible to feel that you are completely done), eating too much, drinking a lot of amazing wine and enjoyed life.

Now its time for more drinking, eating and enjoying the company of my friends and family but in Norway!
I hope the Christmas spirit will come over me when I land in Norway, right nom, the thought of that it is Christmas is very distanced for me.

Thanks to you that followed this trip and read my entries! I see you soon, and merry Christmas!!

Hugs from Aina ☺

Skrevet av AinaLW 10:45

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