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Chile :)

A short trip to Chile to visit Maya


Finally enough pictures and stories, so here’s my third update from Buenos Aires!
Life is still good! The weather is getting warmer, and my Spanish is getting better ☺
The time is now starting to go by so fast, and I cannot understand how I could have so much spare time before…!

Last week, I went to Chile to visit Maya, who is an architecture student in Valparaiso. It was so nice to finally see her again!
I landed in Santiago Friday afternoon after a long trip from Buenos Aires. They almost did not allow me leave, because they claimed that I needed a visa to get in to Chile. I had to stand at the check in BsAs and persuade them to let me go. Sometimes I just get so frustrated over how little information the people at the check in have!
Anyway, I got to Santiago where I was walking around with Maya, met some of her friends and had dinner before we went early to bed. The next day, we woke up at 7am and went to the meeting point for our daytrip to a small village (for a museum) with an old steam locomotive and then later to a vineyard.
It was such a good trip. The trip with the locomotive was amazing, and we got food and tasted different types of wine on the way to the village.
After the museum and the lunch, we headed for the vineyard where they are making the wine “Viu Manent” It was a lot of fun, and I wished we could have some more time there…!

The locomotive

..with entertainment..


And a very interesting museum

The vineyard







Later that night, we went to Maya´s city, Valparaiso.; A small but charming city on the west coast of Chile, with amazing houses and architecture.
I just loved all the art you can find everywhere in the streets, and i can easily understand why Maya likes it over there! The two days I had there went by very fast, and we spent most of the time walking around in the streets, taking pictures, eating ice cream and eating good food.. And oh yes, I am afraid I soon will turn in to a gorda! ;)
On Monday,we said goodbye and I made it back “home”. It was good to be back since Chile was so cold when I was there, but I wish I can go back to one day soon.
In the meantime I will wait for Maya to come here to visit me in November.








in one of the cute stores we found, that also happened to be a tea lounge ;)






Maya and I..

The Andes mountains


Besides me Chile-trip there are not many news since my last update. School, food, friends and so on.. It is very weird, I am now one of the students that have been at the school for the longest time, and people comes and goes. Every week are there new “last-dinners” and more goodbyes.. It is always sad when someone leaves..

For every week i am here, the more i explore and the more i see.. I finally went to the cemetery where Evita lays. It was such a special place.. like a little city with small streets and many chapels. Thank you Chris for going there with me! (i didnt wanted to go there by myself)



My favorite bookstore here in BsAs





pancake breakfast in our apartment before school

I still love this city, and i enjoy the weekends when i have the time to just walk around drinking coffee and look at the different markeds close to where i live!
I can´t wait for my sister, my mum and her friend to come down here so I can show them around!

I will post some pictures from the city, and if you want to see some more, check out the album ☺
Hope you are all doing just fine!
Hasta luego!


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