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Daily life in BsAs

almost been here a month...


So i finally found some time to write my second entry here ;)
I have now been here in 3 weeks, and I am starting my 4th week at school.
The time has passed by very fast, but at the same time it feels like it is such a long time since I left Norway..
I have started to know the city a little better, and I feel more comfortable walking the streets – and I don’t get lost as often as I used to!
It is the smallest things that make me feel more home, like the daily walk to the bakery close to my place to buy empanadas or dulce de leche cookies, or the shops I am passing on my way to school.
I still like my apartment, even though it is in a little dangerous part of the city (at night) Therefore I always have to take a taxi at night and I have now finally started to call for them after a very scary taxi trip last week.
I would definitely moved to another place if I didn’t already paid the school for three months at this place..

Me and my old roomie competing in a drinking game in our apartment.

Still playing games

And then we found out that we should shave Micheal´s head


Making mojitos

....And the sceptic..

Two weeks ago I had the apartment a whole week for myself. It was a little boring, but at the same time it was great to shower whenever I wanted to or be able to leave the dishes if I wanted to.
Last weekend a Norwegian guy moved in with me. He is so much fun and it was great to have him here staying with me. He even bought me a Kinderegg.. isn’t that the perfect roomie or what?
Unfortantly he had to leave earlier today when two other girls from Switzerland moved in.

I really like my school but even 4 hours of spanish can be a little too intensive or boring at times..
From a day when i was just too uninterested in paying attention in class.. At least it is in spanish ;)

I have been taking salsa-classer every Wednesday. It is fun to finally take some classes again even though it is not as intensive and good as the ones I had in Mexico or Norway.
I have even signed me up for the gym close to my place. I went there once, and I don’t think I will go back again. It was in so bad condition compared to Norwegian standards and there was only guys working out. I think I will try to find a pilates or yoga class instead. So Marit, I will try to do it right, if not you can correct me the next time we meet ;)
We also have the time to go out once and a while. I really love the nightlife here but it still hard to get used to go out around 1am or 2am and come home at 6am or 7am!!

Rahael, me and Chris

Chris (my bodyguard here - haha!) and me.

This weekend I went to a place called Tigre. It is a place where all the portenos (people from Buenos Aires) go when they want to get away from the city for some time. It is approx. 1h away from BsAs by train. The city is quite small but it has over three hundred small rivers and many people have summer/vacation houses by the rivers. If you go far enough away, you can find crocodiles and anacondas! (No, we did not see any!!) The place was so pretty, but the river was just very muddy and dirty. I cannot understand how people can swim there!

One of the docks

Relaxing with some wine


Tourist boats


Rahael and Kai, two people from school that went with me to Tigre

Last Monday I had the best dinner at Guillermo’s place (A friend I met when I was backpacking in central America) he had made us dinner, and it was so nice to have a home cooked meal again! (Not that I ever will complain on the food here!) It is very nice to know some people from Argentina, since most of the people I am hanging out with are from school.

Yesterday I went to a theatre with a friend of Gillermo. It was such an interesting experience because the dinner and the play were preformed in complete darkness! We were guided to the table by one of the workers and you couldn’t see anything! After that a waitress came and explained us where the food, wineglass and dessert were placed on the table. It was so weird! Usually you can see something in the dark, but here you were surrounded by completely darkness! The point is that you are using your other senses, and therefore pay more attention to taste, smell and sounds! I thought I would panic but I actually managed to be a little comfortable after some time and some glasses of wine ;)
Luckily for me there was not that many dialogs (in Spanish) but a lot of songs and good music! It was so great and I will recommend everyone that gets the opportunity to do something like that to go! You will never forget it!

And by the way, i am going to Chile this weekend! I am so lucky to have my bestfriend only a couple of hours away from here!Im really excited!!

I am off to a birthdaydinner! Happy birthday Kai ☺
I hope my English wasn’t too bad!

I miss and love you!


Ps. There are more pictures in the album..

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